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What is an Early Middle College?

The Livingston County Early College is a unique opportunity for students to earn college credits, an associate’s degree, industry credentials or technical certificates in a Career Pathway while in high school.

Students will begin blending their high school course work with CTE programs and college level coursework in 11th grade, adding additional college courses in 
12th grade and complete a full schedule of college coursework in a 13th year.

Early college courses will be taken at local area high schools, community colleges and extension campuses such as Mott Community College at M-Tech, Lansing Community College at Parker Middle School
 in Howell, Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, and Cleary University in Howell.

The Livingston County Early College is available to Livingston County high school students through a partnership of Livingston County public school districts and the Livingston Educational Service Agency (LESA).

Keys to Success

Support Services

Career and college counseling, study skills, test preparation, internship and work based learning coordination.

Free College Tuition

Earn college and industry credentials, degrees and licenses without college debt. Free tuition, fees and resources for students in the LCEC programs.

Career Exploration

Align your educational development plan with high school and college courses and a career pathway.

Stay Involved

Participate in all of your high school activities as well as extra-curricular activities and sports. Participate in grade 12 events such as prom, senior walk, graduation and more. Actual diploma is not received until completion of grade 13.

Tutoring Services

Free tutoring is available for all LCEC students at both high school and college campuses.


Yearly planning for college courses, work experience and preparation for continued post-secondary education and employment upon graduation.


Coordinated work based learning opportunities and internships.

Continuing Education

Coordination for continued post-secondary plans of study, financial aid assistance and transcript development.