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Data Analytics

In 3 years complete up to 61 college credits, an associate’s degree from Cleary University and a paid internship between grades 12 and 13. Enrollment into the data analytics program begins at Cleary University in year 11 for a portion of their day and then return to their home high school for the rest of their school day. Students would be well served by enrolling in finance/accounting and marketing courses at their home high school in grades 9-11. During year 12 your day will be mainly spent in courses at Cleary University with a class back at your home high school.  In year 13 all classes will be offered at Cleary University. Students are encouraged to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Sample Occupation
Research Analyst
Research analysts identify and solve problems. Gather and analyze data using mathematical and statistical analysis and software, convert complex data and findings into graphs, tables and present reports to clients and management.

Associates of Business Administration -Analytics Technology (ABA)

  • 61 college credits
  • National Median Wage: $$22.53 – $38.08 hourly, $46,850 – $79,200 annual. Projected growth 2016-26: 15%
  • Michigan Median Wage: $22.78 – $39.70 hourly, $47,380- $82,850 annual. Projected growth 2016-26: 36%

Source: O*NET and the Bureau of Labor statistics

Sample course outline

2022-2023 LCEC Student Application - Cleary University
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