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Career Ladder Nursing Program

In 3 years complete 50 college credits, Certified Nurses Aid certification, Licensed Practical Nurse certification and clinical rotations throughout the program. Enroll into the health occupations programs at either Brighton High School or Howell High School in year 11 through county CTE consortium agreements and begin your first college class with Lansing Community College. Year 12, spend half your day at LCC parker campus in Howell and the rest of your day in your home high school. In year 13 you attend classes at LCC Parker campus.

Career Ladder Nursing Program

Nurses work as assistants to doctors, performing many basic tasks required in caring for patients. They provide medical treatment to patients, such as bandaging wounds or giving medications, assemble and use tracheotomy tubes, catheters and other equipment, collect samples and perform routine lab tests.

  • 53 college credits
  • No wait list for nursing program, fast track to RN degree
  • CPR, CNA and LPN credentials
  • National Median Wage: $21.20 hourly, $44,090 annual. Projected growth 2016-26: 14%
  • Michigan Median Wage: $22.36 hourly, $46,500 annual. Projected growth 2016-26: 6%

Source: O*NET and the Bureau of Labor statistics

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2022-2023 LCEC Student Application - Lansing Community College

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